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About Us

About Us

The guidelines that shape the success of our company are based on the following principles:

Our highly qualified Sales Department, formed by young and enterprising agents and assistants, is
always at the disposal of our clients using receptive and reliable channels of communication. In the other hand, the
personnel of our Manufacture Area and Stock is endowed with expertise and a broad range of experience allowing us to
maintain our high quality standards and thereby ensuring confidence on our clients.

Our original and unique designs represent Bradop’s identity. Our Design Department is always at the
forefront of furniture demands by striving for the excellence and by applying creative and practical procedures to the
furniture’s manufacture. Our genuine collections fulfill family and business current requirements due to our staff’s
continuous training and research. Therefore, our style and design is the trademark which defines us.

International Approach:
Being BRADOP a company in process of expansion, thinking and acting globally is our current
priority. That is why, in association with international agencies, we have counted with an entrepreneurial young foreign
staff, which has brought an international environment to the company and has contributed to company’s enlargement
by addressing the specific requirements of individual international markets. Furthermore, we count with a multilingual
staff, which being aware of global changes, is always encouraged to continually improve their knowledge and skills in
order to respond to international market challenges.

Quality Furniture and Quality Service:
High standard procedures in the manufacturing process and a deliver operational
excellence have always been considered our strengths. Company’s optimal and sophisticated results have been
recognized by ISO 9001:2001, and along with our leading-edge technology and our drivers expertise, our company has
always been committed to offer top quality.

Commitment with community:
We are a socially aware company, that is why our success and development has been used as an opportunity to serve
our community. Our job opportunities have enormously contributed to our region’s prosperity, and the commitment with
our community has gone along with a commitment with the environment. We have stopped of being spectators and we
have become active actors taking part in shaping and improving our societies. With environmental and community
consciousness, Bradop is building a better future.

Our key has always been working in team.